This section provides information on how to get Colouro SDK for JavaScript installed into your project. Depending on your environment and set of features you'd like to use.

Web Browser environment

To get colouro-reskin working in browser do following:

  1. (Optional step) Get dist/colouro-reskin.js file either:

    • From public Git repository,
    • From npm package installed to your project, the file is located in node_modules/colouro-sdk/dist/colouro-reskin.js
  2. Include the file in your HTML page like this:

         <script src="js/colouro-reskin.js"></script>

    Note that the file js/colouro-reskin.js referenced in the snippet above is the file obtained in step 1. Alternatively you can use on-line hosted package using this URL:
  3. See colouro-reskin section for usage details.

Node.js environment

Just install colouro-sdk package as development dependency to your node.js project like this:

npm i -D colouro-sdk

Once the package is installed you can: